Nia with Dana Hood...

Black Belt, Green Belt,
Nia 5 Stages Certified

Kick off your shoes and leave your inhibitions at the door.

Denver Nia Classes

Tues 8:35am Cherry Creek Athletic Club
Wed 6:30pm Dancing the Soul
Fri 11:00am Cherry Creek Athletic Club
Sat 12:15pm Dancing The Soul
Sun 11:00am Dancing The Soul


Love Fu....Do YOU?

Check out this beautiful video and article from the inspirational Kute Blackson!

Amazing Nia Testimonial

Below is a letter I received from a fairly new nia student.  It moved me beyond belief.  Her honesty and courage blows me away.  I don’t know if I would have the strength to admit so much about myself with such clarity and precision.  I may be her teacher in class, but she has become my teacher in life.  I am humbled and honored to know her and to continue on this path of healing for both of us!

Continuing a path of healing…                                                   9/11/11

Weeks ago, I walked into an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. This being a first step of many to let go of the anxiousness I have allowed myself to feel the past few years in new places with new people.  My friend and I made ourselves go to this class called “Nia”, whatever, that was… I did not know.  Sounded bizarre…I like that….

As the instructor told us to roar like tigers, I was not sure I could live up to the potential.  I sat cross legged on the floor, refusing, as the other students around me roared.  I sat.  I did not understand the complexity of the routine and how this dance would eventually teach me to surrender.

Years of depression, anxiety attacks, a broken heart and an increasing loathing of myself, I did not believe a place existed that could help me heal, to the extent my soul needed.  I didn’t want to talk about the pain or the insecurities that perplexed my mind every moment I walked through the door.  I just wanted to let my mind escape to the beauty of music, and maybe begin to heal my body and my heart. 

I can present myself in a very confident way, when I am not asked to be vulnerable.  But when the walls are dropped and I am asked to accept myself as I am, I cave.  This acceptance is something I have longed for my entire life, but when someone can’t imagine the beauty outward or within, that is a hard task to accomplish.  I struggle to look at people eye to eye, for a fear that they see what I see in myself…and that is painful.

So, I chose to dance.  But this dance is unlike any I have experienced.  It taps into this piece in my soul that allows me to understand to myself.  It is power, control, balance and connectedness.  In this short time, the power the instructor has to shift negative energy out is incredible.  Her words are not of judgment and her belief in humanity and love keeps me craving this dance every day.

Day by day, as I force myself to attempt this new movement of dance; my heart, my mind and my soul are taking the journey of healing.  I am beginning to see myself for the things I used to see and believe.  I am finally, slowly, peeking in the mirror and don’t feel this hatred but instead this inner peace and beauty.  The energy that enwraps my soul is unlike any feeling I have had in the past few years.  It is a long journey ahead of me, but I have a new faith in me. It is of determination and acceptance.

So for this Dana, I thank you.


You can light up the whole world by giving without any expectation back. It’s a great challenge. Love in such a way that you don’t take the people off of your Christmas card list that don’t return them! - Dr. Wayne Dyer

 Saturday at Dancing The Soul.  I love these beautiful dancers!!

 Saturday at Dancing The Soul.  I love these beautiful dancers!!

Part Two of the Journey…Dance Dance Dance!!!

11 White Belts take their first step into teaching!

Shining stars indeed!  Sometimes all anyone needs to follow a dream is a tiny nudge.  All 11 of these ladies wanted to take the plunge into teaching, but never had the encouragement or safe space to make it happen.  That all changed when Margie, the owner of Dancing The Soul and myself decided to create such a space.  Margie opened up her beautiful studio and came up with the brilliant name of what to call it…A Nia Jamette.  Not to say there was anything small about it.  When 11 ladies immediately wanted in, I knew we were on the right path.  For almost two months I worked privately and also in group practices with these ladies, watching them go from embryonic to beyond walking!  The skills they learned were cuing, demonstrating the moves, using their voices and being in their bodies, but it was all secondary to the confidence they gained by just putting on that mic and putting themselves out there.  It was such a beautiful thing to witness, and for that opportunity, I am forever grateful.  They learned from me, but even more-so, I learned from them.  I couldn’t have done this alone.  Cheryl Harpt and Tracey Lepine spent hours with me over the course of those weeks, offering so much help and support.  This was truly a labor of love.  No one was paid anything, including the studio.  On the day of the Nia Jamette, when each of these lovely ladies performed their song, all proceeds went to The Arapahoe House Step Wise Program.  The room was packed, the energy was palatable and each white belt gave the performance of their lives!  I can’t wait to see them all go on to teaching their own classes and sharing that joy and magic of movement, joy and magic of Nia with everyone!

Ever noticed the way a dog moves?  Every movement comes from a place of authenticity.  They get up from resting, and automatically do downward dog, then upward dog.  No need for a mat or a mirror.  When they are with other dogs, they express their exact feelings…the body doesn’t lie and neither do they.  They don’t look at the taller, slimmer dog in the group and compare themselves.  They don’t worry about who is smarter, who has a nicer collar or who has the most beautiful coat.  They are completely in the moment, entirely free.  Dogs are models for us in so many ways, and especially for when we dance.  So, next time you dance embrace the freedom and spontaneity that dogs have, let go of inhibitions and just BE!